High Poly Modelling

For AIE’s Construst3D Challenge in October 2013, Creature of the Sea.


This guy was a quick sculpt that I thought I’d enter into a comp with AIE with the theme of ‘Construction’. He is supposedly “constructing” what he’d like to think is a model boat by putting the finishing touches of a mermaid onto the front.

Low Poly Modelling

I love modelling humanoids and animals as I find they are out of the norm and you can really go wild with ideas.

WIP Bird Model

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WIP Chimera Model

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A quick and clean mockup tennis court environment for Motion Edge Academy‘s Tennis Academy game app for iOS and Google Play.

Major Cat-Astrophe
This guy was created for an online competition called Dominance War in 2011 and the theme was ‘War of the Gods’. The Major is my interpretation of a God of Retribution.

Created in Autodesk Maya, textured in Photoshop and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

‘Legless the Pirate’
A game character that I created for a video game demo, Bermuda Pirate in 2011.

The game was created using Gamebryo Engine and Autodesk Maya and Zbrush for modelling assets and Characters.

Concept art for
Major Cat-Astrophe

Concept art for
Bermuda Pirate