For the year of 2012, myself and two others (an artist and a programmer) endeavored on establishing a small indie studio between ourselves called
‘Pear and Melons’.
I was Team Producer, Social Media Manager as well as 2D/3D Artist.

(I designed the above two logos)

For the first part of the year, we had to pleasure of being able to go to GDC in San Francisco March!

The team and I in the Illawarra Newspaper in 2012!

After that we got working on a YouTube channel with a witty video released each week which included info about our progress with the company.

This included what prototypes we were working on at the time and what was coming coming up in the life of Pear and Melons.

Check out Pear and Melon’s game prototypes below! Or visit the webpage here.
(It will ask you to download Unity Web Player Plugin if you don’t have it already)

We were interviewed by Save Point and got our 15 seconds of fame on TV!

Check out 6m:29s on the video below!

Our mentor was Epona Schweer and she taught us how to be agile in our development processes and also hosted Test Tube Games which was an intense 4 week, 3 game prototyping challenge. She was featured in the ‘Power 50’ in Game Development Magazine last year.

Pear and Melons unfortunately had to go our separate ways at the end of 2012, but I have taken many positive things away with me from this experience!